New innovative online legal service launches in Germany

Berlin, Germany (September 4, 2013) - Agreement24, Swedens major provider of online legal services, has moved forward in its ambition to bring affordable legal help to the European market. The company is pleased to announce that the online legal services have officially been launched and is currently providing customized agreement solutions within the labour- and private law fields. Agreement24’s unique software for document automation is the core of the service however the website also contains plenty of helpful articles on legal subjects in order to make law more accessible and understandable to everyone.

"At agreement24 we believe in making law accessible to everyone. Since 2004 we've helped thousands of families and small businesses. We will continue to grow on the European market, with Germany as the first entrance" said Magnus Stein, CEO and co-founder of agreement24 / avtal24.

The Agreement24 GmbH team consists of a legal business development team from Sweden and qualified German lawyers who shares the company's commitment to make law accessible.

"Within the legal industry there's a lot of talk about 'legal innovation' but you seldom see the traditional law firms do something active to promote change. Germany is no exception and we see a great need for our kind of modern legal services here, that will reduce inefficiencies and steal focus from selling billable hours" said Aleksandra Derikonja, COO and in charge of the German launch.

This fall the German organization will continue developing the legal platform and launch new services in order to help the German consumers and businesses obtain the agreement solution they require for their individual needs.

About agreement24

Agreement24 GmbH and Avtal24 AB ( deliver legal services by document automation technology, web applications and legal content to consumers and businesses across Europe. Agreement24 was founded in 2004 under the name "avtal24" with current offices in Stockholm and Berlin. With the agreement24 online step-by-step instructions anyone can acquire legal help for a fraction of the normal price. Analysts at Outsell have called the company a Legalzoom for Europe. Supporting the company you'll find the Swedish Industrial foundation (Industrifonden) and well-known venture capitalists.

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