It’s all about the customers – join the Swedish legal revolution!

It’s all about the customers – join the Swedish legal revolution!

International companies like LegalZoom and Rocketlawyer have received a lot of attention for disrupting the legal industry. Backed up by brands like Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins they are changing the legal market in the US and UK.

The law is a part of everyone’s life and business and should be easy accessible. Bringing tech and law together creates new smart legal services. With this democratization of the legal knowledge from a privileged few to the masses, the legal service landscape is about to quickly change. Now the Swedish society has awakened and started to trust legal help from others than traditional lawyers. Believe it or not lawyers; with some help from tech we can offer law faster, at a fixed price and quality assured whenever needed. Want to join the movement - just fax me!

This week we reached over 50 000 users @avtal24 in Sweden. Today we launched a breakthrough deal in the trade union market with offering legal help to 42 000 employees in the Swedish state. Among our fans you can find large Swedish banks, insurance companies, organizations and trade unions that want their customers to get legal help in a new modern way. I’m proud to say that our German business is strongly growing, but more about that in another note.

But we are not alone changing the legal market in Sweden. Scrive has successfully made e signing much easier and they are rapidly spreading among the big companies to improve the customer sales experience. Earlier this month the winner of the prestigious Venture Cup Öst was the new law tech company Precisely. VQ is once again hosting their annual conference VQ Forum in Stockholm with internationally well know speakers.

A perfect way to learn more about this major change in the legal market is to attend the Law Tech event in Sthlm June 11 at 6pm (look for the location and invitation @meetup). There you will learn more about the evolution of the legal market, agreement24, CBI contracts and the innovative law firm Fondia.

Come and join the legal revolution!

Magnus Stein CEO/Founder agreement24

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