Legal tech scene getting hotter in Stockholm

The disruptive legal industry is growing. More and more entrepreneurs see the possibilities in this unexplored market. Yesterday was the Sthlm Legal Tech Innovators kick-off at SUP46. Approx. 15 legal rebels from all over the Nordics/Baltics attended. With this new arena for entrepreneurship, SUP46, the tech scene in Stockholm is getting hotter than ever.

The legal industry is rapidly changing in the US and the UK. The rest of Europe has until 2014 been a lonely ballpark for us. Now after 10 fun and challenging years as a legal rebel I finally found peers on this side of the Atlantic. OK, I must admit that during our movement we have meet people in Europe starting up legal tech business. But being alone in a market is not easy. Try to get your message thru, attract VCs, sell your products and attracting the best staff when no one else is doing what you are doing. So, respect to the Zebra Legal team in the Netherlands and the Smartlaw team in Germany who with no other competition managed to launch disruptive legal services and start the legal revolution in their markets. Germany is now rapidly changing; several new legal innovators are entering the scene.

Our host for this evening was Robert Gullander founder of Precisly. We started with a presentation from Egil Martinssons statistic research and discussed the use of big data in the legal industry. Next to take the stage was Nils-Erik Jansson, a thru entrepreneur but still a practicing lawyer. Finally Johan Hedén from Swiftcourt presented their new customer friendly virtual court.

Big thanks for Robert for organizing this event and bringing all legal entrepreneurs in the Nordics together. Looking forward revolutionizing the legal industry together with all of you. Finally, after 10 years, we are not alone.

//Magnus Stein, Founder and CEO of agreement24/avtal24.

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