Swedish state doubles the price to get a divorce!

Starting from today the price of applying for a divorce is twice as high as yesterday. The courts in Sweden now want SEK 900 just in an administrative cost. Would it not just be easier and better for all to do the process digitally and with e signing? Or is this a way to make the statistics better? Last week we could read about divorces in Sweden being the highest since early 1970. At the same time more people live together as a modern family with kids but not being married.

My conclusion; There is an increasing demand for affordable legal help and documents and you should not expect any help from the state.

This week we are @almedalen spreading the word of law made easy.

Model is our CFO Kim and the message on the t-shirt is our version of …and justice for all.

Have a great summer and take the opportunity to secure yourself and your loved ones.

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