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2017-01-31 Reinvent the legal market with us – several positions available
2015-08-28 NFT Ventures invest in agreement24
2015-07-23 Product launch in Germany - Gehaltserhöhung
2015-04-09 Agreement24 close new round of USD 1,2M with current investors
2015-02-18 Reflections from a market in change
2015-02-06 Launch of new power of attorney on
2015-02-04 The Swedish Association of Professional Scientists choose avtal24
2015-02-03 New collaboration with Swedish armed forces
2015-02-02 The major start-up podcast in Sweden talks about the digital revolution.
2015-01-20 launching the patient decree on
2014-12-08 Free legal help to all SRAT members.
2014-12-05 New collaboration with the largest online bank in Sweden.
2014-11-05 Innovative new product launched in Sweden
2014-11-04 New product launched in Germany
2014-10-02 Five new agreements launched in Germany
2014-08-27 Two new smart legal products launched in Germany
2014-08-01 New smart Promissory note launched in Sweden
2014-08-01 New product in Germany - Sublease agreement
2014-07-01 Swedish state doubles the price to get a divorce!
2014-06-26 The legal revolution in Germany continues
2014-06-13 New rental agreement launched in Germany
2014-05-28 It’s all about the customers – join the Swedish legal revolution!
2014-05-08 Shareholders agreement launched in Germany
2014-05-06 Legal tech scene getting hotter in Stockholm
2014-04-04 Law made easier in Germany
2014-03-20 New products launched at
2013-11-18 Agreement24 recruits new Head of Sales Europe
2013-09-05 New innovative online legal service launches in Germany
2013-08-01 Several open positions in our Berlin office
2013-02-11 We are looking for a Junior Lawyer to our business establishment in Berlin *HIDDEN*
2013-01-02 Want to take part in a international legal web project?
2012-12-10 Agreement24 raises € 1,2 m in new funding
2012-08-01 Do you want to improve the legal industry in your country?
2012-06-10 UK agreement24 Beta successfully launched
2012-05-23 Law made easy with Nordic online bank
2012-05-03 Innovative legal partner for UK launch wanted!
2012-03-09 Sweden’s largest union choose agreement24
2012-03-01 Top creative mind in agreement24 board
2012-02-17 Online teaching tool for law students
2012-02-09 Entrepreneur of the week
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